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Geraldine McGinley

Star Consultant


My Story

I joined Scentsy in May 2017, only intending on buying for myself...and getting paid to. However, attending the Scentsy Reunion in Edinburgh in July 2017 I realised that I could make this my happy job. Being among so many people who are so passionate about their Scentsy business is so contagious and gives you so much energy and belief in yourself!
I have promoted three times and started to build my team, helping them achieve their goals too.
I love being a Scentsy Consultant, love the products (except a few scents lol) and I'm doing this full-time. Most of all though, I LOVE the people I have met doing this; Scentsy consultants are the most supportive and caring bunch of people I've ever known.
If you think that you want a happy job like me or just want to be paid to shop for yourself; come chat with me and I can give you all the information you might want.
Gellybean x

My Favourite Scents